How do I book my stay?
Please fill out the Booking form

What does the price include?
Refer to Rates

How can I proceed with the payment?
Once you have submitted your Booking form with intended travel dates we will reply to you with our banking details to proceed with the payment to secure your booking.

How do I get to Simeulue?
You will have to take a flight to Medan Kualanamu first, the main city and airport in Northern Sumatra. You may fly to Medan from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Jakarta. No longer do we have to pay for entry into indonesia anymore…..

– Singapore to Medan: Jet Star Asia, Tiger Airways
– Kuala Lumpur to Medan: Air Asia, Malaysian Airlines, Firefly
– Jakarta to Medan: Garuda Indonesia, Air Asia, City Link, Lion Air

Depending on your arrival time in Medan, you may have to do an overnight there. There is now a Crew hotel to stay over night if you need to thats only 10 mins from Medan airport,much better…
From Medan, you will take a local flight to Simeulue (around 1h flight time). The local airline currently flying to Simeulue is Wings Airlines which best to book through or A fee applies for your board bag. A maximum of 3 boards with removable fins are allowed per board bag in the plane and a maximum length of 2.2 m. Our friendly staff will welcome you at the airport and drive you to the Surfcamp and you’ll be ready to enjoy our little paradise. It is 10 minutes away from Simeulue local airport.

Where is the surfcamp located?
The bungalows are overlooking a pristine and peaceful bay, 3 min away from one of the best waves of the Island. It is also less than 10 min away from the local airport. The city center is 25 min away and you will find there several coffee shops and internet cafes. The sunset and sunrise from the bungalows are stunning.

What other Activities are there?
Simeulue Island offers some great live coral reefs to go snorkeling or spare fishing. If you like fishing, bring your gear, hop on a local fisherman boat and share a great moment. Go swimming in the bay with its beautiful sandy beach.Paddle our stand up paddle boards and explore the bay and beaches. Relax in a hammock with a book,few games of table tennis with your friends or just watch the sunset  after an extensive surfed out day. Life is simple and healthy in Simeulue. Locals are very welcoming and friendly. You will recharge your batteries here and wish you could stay longer!

Do I need a travel insurance?
We do strongly recommend all guests to get a full comprehensive travel and medical insurance due to possible injury and flight delays and other unforeseen circumstances or emergencies.

How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost?
Pricing plans and options will vary greatly, basic coverage for a week can cost as little as $80.
Have a look at for example.

What documents should I bring?
– Travel insurance information

What should I bring?
* 2 surfboards at least, 3 to be comfortable (all rounder, mini-gun, gun)
*Surf equipment:

Fins + Spares / Fin Keys
Leash + Spares / Leash Ties
Tropical Wax / Wax Comb
Rash Guard / Surf Shirt / Wetty Top
Ear Plugs & Aqua Ear
Ding Repair Kit / Solar Resin
Medical Treatment for Reef Cuts
Surf Hat
Surf Helmet
Reef Booties

*First aid medical kit and antibiotics, band aids, antibiotic cream, anti-histamines, and any other assorted medical good
* Zinc, sunscreen, sunblock, even surfing hats
*Mosquito repellant
*Bathroom accessories (towels, shampoo, soap, toothpaste etc)
*Snorkeling and fishing gear, spearguns
*Flip flops, thongs
*Indonesian power adaptor
* Small money in IDR for any random purchases, laundry, extras (drinks etc)
* Books, magazines
* MP3 players, camera, laptop and chargers
* Insect repellant, light trousers & long sleeve top for early mornings and evenings
* Sunglasses
*Head torch
*Drivers licence
*Stainless or Glass drink bottle that you can fill up anytime with our filtered water (save on plastic bottles)

What is the local religion?
The large majority of the people on Simeulue are Muslim. Mosques dominate the small villages and it is not uncommon to pass through local festivals and celebrations on your wave explorations. The people are very friendly and welcoming and can generally lend a helping hand in finding waves. Women will be respectfully asked to dress moderately and avoid bikinis or go topless on the beach as it can offend local people. A beautiful sarong will do the trick.

Should I be worried about Malaria?
While the risk is low, It is suggested that you take preventative measures before coming to Sumatra. Talk to your local physician before leaving to work out the best solution. You should bring plenty of tropical area mosquito repellents and protective clothing for the early mornings and evenings. All bedrooms are equipped with mosquito nets.

Can I change money on the Island?
No you can’t. However, there are several ATMs where you can  withdraw cash with your Visa Card or Master card. However, it is sometimes unserviceable. We therefore recommend you bring some cash in Indonesian Rupiah from Medan Airport lots of ATM’S there.